Safety In Sport

Have you been injured playing professional football?

Have you missed out on wages… bonuses… or even transfers because you’ve received substandard medical treatment or bad advice?

We’re here to help.

A five-minute conversation with us could lead to a life-changing compensation package!

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Injuries are part and parcel of football. An occupational hazard of being involved in the beautiful game. All players know and accept that.

But what is NOT acceptable is the number of players that are currently suffering because of incompetent or irresponsible medical care.

It’s our mission to put this right...

Introducing Safety In Sport

We are an independent body that specialises in providing advice to professional footballers whose careers have been affected by injury.

If an injury has forced you to:

  • Miss matches
  • Lose wages or bonuses...
  • Drop down the league...
  • Retire.

Leaving you with questions about the level of treatment, rehabilitation or the medical guidance you received. We can offer honest, professional and confidential advice on your options for pursuing compensation.

A professional service for professional players

We work with leading legal and medical experts in career-ending injury, poor treatment and substandard or delayed rehabilitation.

Our career trajectory specialist will assess every individual case and put together a compensation claim based on loss of earnings.

So if you have missed out on wages, win bonuses or even potential transfers fees, we can help you get it back.

We’re like the VAR of football injuries!

If your career has suffered due to incompetence or the irresponsible actions of others, we can help.

If you think you’ve suffered due to bad decisions or irresponsible behaviour, our team of experts will give you the chance to put things right!

We can’t overturn the decision, but we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Changing the narrative for professional footballers

Thankfully, gone are the days when a bucket of cold water and the magic sponge were the answer to all your injuries. But many of the same attitudes remain.

Safety In Sport is changing the game and working to raise the standard of medical treatment and improve rehabilitation programmes for all professional players. Not just the elite few.

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The man behind Safety In Sport, Barrington Atkins.

Barrington is a qualified solicitor who specialises in identifying cases of medical negligence in professional football.

He is passionate about helping his players. And if they can’t recover to fulfil their playing potential, he makes sure they achieve their earning potential through financial compensation.

Barrington Atkins

Barrington Atkins

Safety In Sport Ambassador Marlon Harewood.

Providing unique insight and advice from the dugout, Barrington’s right-hand man is the former Nottingham Forest, West Ham United and Aston Villa striker Marlon Harewood.

Marlon is still leading from the front, running the highly successful AC13 – a bespoke vehicle provider based in Nottingham.

Marlon Harewood

Marlon Harewood