Christian Eriksen: Mental Health Special with Paul McKenna

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In this special edition of the Premier Injuries podcast, Ben and Jason had the absolute pleasure of talking to renowned hypnotist, behavioural scientist, international best-selling author and the world’s most successful self-help guru, Paul McKenna.

Throughout his career, Paul has worked with some of the biggest names in sport: Gareth Southgate, Sir Nick Faldo, Steve Backley and helped athletes from around the world, not only achieve their physical peaks but also beat their demons.

Often, when talking about injuries in sport, the focus is on the wound, the physical healing, but often the mental health and the psychological aspect is overlooked.

Paul discusses the possible long-term implications for Christian Eriksen, his teammates and his family going forward, whilst giving guidance on how to deal with trauma and recover healthily.

Issues covered include

  • Dealing with trauma and the surrounding issues caused by the tragedy.
  • As Eriksen’s health improves, what are the potential long-term psychological effects following such a severe and unexpected loss of cardiac function?
  • We discuss the possible ramifications for Christian and the devastating shock suffered by those around him that witnessed the episode first-hand.
  • Paul talks through several coping strategies and begins to rationalise the events of that day to help ease our concerns when considering active participation in sport for yourself or loved ones.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • What the future may now hold for Christian Eriksen.

Paul has also kindly provided links to videos and literature on the issues we have discussed on the podcast:

We hope that you find this information useful and that it may help you with any future concerns you have around this worrying issue.

Everyone at Premier Injuries continues to hope that Christian Eriksen makes a full recovery. Our thoughts go out to his family, loved ones and teammates who may have been affected.

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