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What we learned | Week Thirteen

game week review
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Well, we’ve lasted in the job longer than Poch – and he was a dodgy decision away from winning the Champions League last season.

So while we congratulate ourselves, let’s see what lessons we can learn from GW 13.

An action reply for Li-VAR-pool…

Remember when Man United used to either win 1-0, Cantona. After a series of miracle saves from Schmeichel. Or 3-2 after being 0-2 until the 70th minute…?

Okay, it wasn’t quite like that. But when they marched in Fergie Time, everything seemed to go for them.

Now, of course, it’s all about Kloppage Time. And Jurgen’s lot pulled another 85th rabbit out of a hat at Palace at the weekend. No team has secured more points in the last five(+) minutes of a match so far. And VAR played its part again.

Name on the trophy and all that. But just two clean sheets from 13 so far – and none at home (they racked up 21 last season). So it’s all about goals – with Sadio the Mane man. And Alexander-Arnold and Robertson will assist your points total, of course.

Next stop Tottenham. All change please, all change.

Prepare for a return to fun and mind games at Tottenham. On me ‘ead Son, Moura and Kane made a play to be the front three – and seem more Mourinho’s cup of tea than Danish pastry Eriksen.

I wouldn’t be too quick to do an Alli shuffle though. I’m predicting a lot of second half of the season points at the Dele counter.

Jose tried to take Dier and Alderweireld to Man United too. So, they might be worth a look as Mourinho adjusts his rearview mirrors of the Spurs bus.

First-rate third choice strikers

Your first and second choice are easy… Your Aguero’s, Aubameyang’s, Abraham’s or Vardy’s, et al. Easy. That’s why 92% of you have snapped up the last two mentioned.

But your other choice could make the difference. Norwich’s Pukki was the early season dark horse but now looks to have bolted. But there are still a few thoroughbreds out there.

Lone wolf Hhhhhimenez is 3 for 3, cheaper than the five above him (at £7.4m) and warming up nicely. Burnley’s Barnes and Wood might sound like a firm of solicitors, but better value at £6.3m and £6.2m. Hitting over 40 goals between them in the last two seasons.

And at just £6.0m you could do worse than Southampton’s Ings.

Stats, damn stats and lies

  • Burnley are better than Chelsea at home. Conceded just one more goal than City and Liverpool. Tarkowski is 2pts better and £2.2m cheaper than Alexander-Arnold so far.
  • Wolves and Sheffield United are unbeaten on the road. Only Leicester have conceded fewer goals away. Wolves are unbeaten in eight. Jimenez is 3/5 pts better and £2.0/£3.4m cheaper than Firmino and Kane so far.

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