View from the Boot Room | Week Twenty-five

It’s a stressful time of year…

Big money changing hands. Fraudulent claims made. Unnecessary risks taken. And the underlying feeling that it could all go horribly wrong…

I’m not talking about Transfer Deadline day. It’s self-assessment income tax declaration time for us freelancers. But the frenzied levels of administrative activity are similar. With many hurriedly drawn up forms, sketchily calculated columns of numbers and 11th hour faxes exchanged.

(Note: For any millennials reading, a fax is like an old fashioned and slightly faded/ smudged email)

Followed by silent prayers that it all works out for the best. Makes this FPL lark seem like a breeze.

I’ll take a look at the Deadline Day movers and shakers next week. But for now, we’re turning the spotlight on the best performing Bonus Points players this season.

The standout heroes that rake in additional points for being their teams’ top man…

PlayerClubPrice (m)Selection %
De BruyneMCI£10.752.7%


The latest obsession with playing one-twos with the keeper in your own six-yard box has led to the demise of the clean sheet. Making the area of FPL goalkeepers a bargain bucket.

Foster and Pope are two fine sub-£5m examples. Only Sheffield United’s Henderson has performed better this season (by just a couple of points). But if it’s BPs you want, they’re your men.


Nothing to say about AA. Most of you are already members. And a fair chunk have invested on his opposite flank too. But if you keep going in that direction – right across Stanley Park, dodging the scallies on the way. You arrive at Everton’s Digne, who is only just outside the Top Ten Defenders this season and worth a £5.8m look.


No point preaching about De Bruyne and Salah either. Around 90% of you are already converted. But there are some (slightly) less likely midfield Bonus Point heroes worthy of note.

Villa’s Grealish scores high on price appeal (a mere £6.7m) and FPL pts. Rubbing shoulders with the much more exotically valued Maddison, Richarlison and Mahrez. And only one big game away from reeling in Raheem. Bostin’.

Willian is another low-balling BP merchant. But perhaps pricey at £7.2m.

The men

For that, you could get Ings and change. Danny is tearing up at St Mary’s – with 10 in his last 13. Doing a lot of the heavy lifting that has dragged Southampton out of the mire that look stuck in. He is an essential 3rd, perhaps even 2nd choice Attacker.

Vardy and Aubameyang are more expensive options. Rat Boy has gone off the boil a bit, and Pierre-Emerick has a certain Arsenalness about him that makes me wonder sometimes. But Bonus Points are Bonus Points and he makes the Top Ten. So, who am I to quibble?

Answers by midnight tonight by fax, please.