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Disclaimer & disclosure: With any supplement we recommend consulting with your doctor or pharmacist before use. Ideally, we would all source our nutrition needs from a well-balanced real whole-food diet but, where this isn’t possible, high-quality supplements can provide an ‘insurance policy’ to ensure we maintain optimum nutrient levels. We may receive a referral commission from carefully curated brands we link to but always strive to provide fair and evidence-based discussion around any products we feature.

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What is Performance Lab Sleep?

Performance Lab Sleep is a 100% natural, vegan approved, nootropic sleep supplement (nootropic is a term commonly used to describe supplements that are designed to enhance aspects of cognition). It provides an easy-on-the-stomach blend of ‘ultramodern’ high-grade nutrients, including a natural source of Melatonin, designed to support and promote the body’s natural sleep inducing processes.

The manufacturer claims their unique research-backed blend helps you:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Wake up fresher
  • Relax muscles
  • Calm nerves
  • Reduce sleep-disruption
  • Extend deep sleep phases

Performance Lab go as far as saying:

“The best night’s sleep of your life: Awake revitalized with no groggy after-effects”

Performance Lab Sleep supplement bottle & capsules

Is this really true? We’ve been hearing a lot about Performance Lab Sleep, having created a bit of a stir on the sleep supplement scene, so have looked forward to researching the published reviews and finding out more about it.

Read on to discover what we found…

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Who can benefit from sleep supplements?

Unless you’ve suffered from sleep deprivation yourself it’s very difficult to really appreciate how debilitating a lack of quality sleep can be. Other areas of health, such as mental health, have made great strides in recent times to reduce the stigma traditionally associated with them and change perceptions to treat them as genuine health conditions.

Sadly, it feels like tiredness remains a condition that is all too often laughed off by those who don’t suffer from it, saying people should just “get on with it”. Alas, chronic tiredness doesn’t work like that and so sufferers will welcome anything that can help them get the quality sleep they desperately crave, so they can feel and function like a proper human being.

Sleep problems can include:

  • Not being able to fall asleep
  • Restless sleep
  • Limb movements and twitches
  • Light sleep
  • Waking up too early
  • Still feeling tired after waking up
  • Feeling tired and irritable during the day
  • Loss of concentration and focus

At the end of the day, if you regularly wake up not feeling refreshed, then there’s some kind of sleep issue going on.

Poor quality sleep can be caused by a myriad of underlying issues, some easier to resolve than others. As a sufferer, it can get quite tiresome (pun intended!) to read endless articles with the same old ‘tips & tricks’ for getting a better sleep, that just don’t understand what many sufferers are going through.

Of course, it’s a good idea to practice the usual recommendations for good sleep hygiene, but then what? When nothing seems to help it can be a very despondent and lonely place to be.

At this point, we should stress that if you experience persistent problems with your sleep you should consult a medical practitioner to rule out any serious underlying health issue, or a sleep related condition like sleep apnea (where your breathing stops and starts whilst sleeping) that could be treated.

There are also some excellent reputable medical resources available, such as the National Sleep Foundation website and the UK’s NHS Trouble Sleeping? website where you can take a sleep self-assessment.

Assuming there are no serious underlying issues, a good sleep supplement can help you relax and promote good quality sleep. Ultimately, the primary purpose of a sleep supplement should be to help you feel more refreshed when you wake up, and more often.

What makes Performance Lab Sleep different to other sleep supplements?

We found a common theme amongst the Performance Lab Sleep reviews we researched, as to what makes this sleep supplement different:

  • The well thought out simplicity of the all-natural ingredients, that supports all key aspects of the sleep process.
  • In particular, the delivery of a high quality natural source of Melatonin.
  • The science that has gone into maximising the bioavailability, meaning how effective it is at being absorbed into the body.

We’ll delve deeper into the ingredients, and the significance of natural Melatonin, in the next section but it’s worth taking a moment to properly understand the third point – bioavailability.

How well the nutrients are absorbed into the body is a crucial factor for any supplement and one that is often overlooked. A supplement can contain every life-enhancing nutrient in the world but it’s completely useless if it’s not effectively absorbed into the body – you’re literally pouring your money down the toilet!

Performance Lab Sleep nutrition technology

As most reviews highlighted, the nutrients in Performance Lab supplements benefit from their patented NutriGenesis® (formerly BioGenesis™) growth process. Instead of manufacturing nutrients synthetically, they mimic nutrient genesis in nature by growing them from live probiotics, brewer’s yeast and botanicals.

The result is nutrients that match the nutrient structures of whole foods so they may be more easily recognised, absorbed and used by the body. It was even pointed out that this reduces mineral mining and factory farming, making them a more eco-friendly sleep supplement option.

But they don’t stop there. In addition to maximising the bioavailability of the actual supplement nutrients, they also consider the delivery mechanism. Performance Lab Sleep is taken in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules. Supplement capsules are typically made from gelatin, an animal derived protein. Not much good for vegetarians and vegans!

nutricap capsule size

Performance Lab supplements use their own capsules known as Prebiotic NutriCaps®. They are 100% plant-based, designed to be easy to digest and infused with prebiotic. Plant-based capsules are a welcome growing trend for those seeking supplements suitable for vegans and was a definite ‘tick in the box’ for most Performance Lab Sleep reviews.

In fact, we found many hail Performance Lab Sleep as the most clean and natural sleep supplement they have come across.

Who makes Performance Lab Sleep?

Performance Lab supplements are produced by UK-based Opti-Nutra Ltd, with product development in the United Kingdom and manufacturing operations in the USA. Opti-Nutra® have a mantra to “uphold the highest nutritional supplement formulation standards in the world” by using:

  • nutrients backed by scientific evidence,
  • best-in-class nutrient forms that improve potency, efficacy, safety and tolerability
  • and novel nutrient combinations to unlock superior performance.

We particularly like their focus on producing products that are 100% vegan, allergen-free with natural, GMO-free ingredients (meaning they are not genetically modified). They also place an emphasis on purity, quality and consistency, so you always know exactly what you are getting with every batch, a must-have for any high-quality supplementation regime.

What are the ingredients?

Opti-Nutra pride themselves in producing ‘ultra-modern’, ‘ultra-clean’, ‘research-backed nutrition technologies’. This may explain why we often find a real buzz around Performance Lab supplements, and Sleep is no different

As we mentioned above, praise is widely given to how well thought out the formulation for this sleep supplement has been, resulting in the simplicity of just three core all-natural ingredients, that support all the key elements of the sleep process. Full details of the published ingredients are as follows:

Let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients…

By far the most talked about ingredient is the natural Melatonin from Montmorency tart cherry.

Melatonin is commonly referred to as the ‘sleep hormone’, as it’s at the very centre of how the body controls the sleep cycle and associated circadian rhythm.

What makes Melatonin of particular interest when it comes to sleep supplements is that it’s a controlled drug in many parts of the world and so not freely available in many countries like the UK, Ireland, European Union, Japan, Australia and Canada. However, it is available over the counter in some countries, such as the USA.

Furthermore, someone based in the UK could purchase Melatonin from a retailer based in the USA but, in our experience, this can be problematic. It can often involve very long delivery times (assuming it gets delivered at all), additional unknown costs when it reaches national customs and the quality of the product can be questionable.

Therefore, the delivery of Melatonin in this sleep supplement, that can be freely purchased around the world, will be a welcome inclusion for many.

The body naturally produces Melatonin from the pineal gland, a small pine-shaped (hence its name) gland in the brain. One of the biggest talking points of Performance Lab Sleep reviews is that in countries when Melatonin is available over the counter, it’s usually in a synthetic form. Synthetic Melatonin is frequently associated with grogginess when waking up and brain fog through the day.

Instead, Performance Lab uses the most potent known natural source of Melatonin from Montmorency Tart Cherry. Their CherryPURE® version extracts a 50:1 clean concentrate from the cherries enabling the provision of a carefully measured dose in the capsules.

A number of reviews were quick to point out that the resulting 500mg dose is designed to be just enough to effectively provide the desired sleep benefits without resorting to the excessive doses sometimes found in synthetic Melatonin supplements, further helping the avoidance of the groggy ‘hangover’ often associated with sleep supplements.

It was also mentioned that clinical research on the direct impact of tart cherry on sleep is limited, with the reported benefits being from relatively small study groups. That said, the clinically proven benefits of any form of Melatonin supplementation are mixed. Research clearly shows it is the major player in the body’s sleep process and so is probably the most sought after ingredient in sleep supplements.

We also came across clinical studies that suggest Melatonin can decrease the intensity of tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a devastating condition to live with, and appear at its worst during the quiet time of sleep. This can make quality sleep particularly difficult for tinnitus sufferers. So a sleep supplement with a natural source of Melatonin could potentially provide some relief for those with tinnitus.

It was also brought to light that some research has shown that doses in Melatonin supplements can vary substantially from the advertised amounts. In contrast, Performance Lab supplements have built a reputation for tightly controlled ingredients.

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Magnesium is a widely welcomed addition to the mix for this sleep supplement. A very common problem for those who struggle to get to sleep, and maintain uninterrupted sleep, is those really annoying involuntary body movements and twitches, especially in the legs.

Magnesium is known for its nerve and muscle calming properties, as well as lowering blood pressure – another key part of how the body promotes the onset of sleep. Research suggests some cases for restless leg syndrome could be caused by a deficiency in Magnesium. Magnesium is therefore a popular supplement in its own right and often taken with a separate sleep supplement.

It is worth noting that Magnesium can also be supplemented within a balanced healthy diet, from foods such as nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables and whole grain foods.

So combining it with the tart cherry (for Melatonin) into a single supplement makes perfect sense, providing the convenience of having to swallow fewer capsules and cost savings from needing to purchase fewer supplements.

However, as a few reviews note, not all Magnesium supplements are equal. In Opti-Nutra’s quest for supplying the cleanest, most natural and easily absorbed supplements, they combine three forms of Magnesium to provide a unique triple Magnesium hit:

  • Magnesium Bisglycinate
    Designed to increase absorption in the intestines.
  • Magnesium NutriGenesis®
    Opti-Nutra’s own patented form designed to replicate the way nature creates nutrients so they are absorbed by the body more effectively. Binds Magnesium and taurine to promote the brain calming chemical GABA.
  • Magnesium Lactate
    Extracted from organic Sea Buckthorn shrub, providing high bioavailability for maximum effectiveness.

The benefits of Magnesium are widely acknowledged when we look at published articles and research. Actual trials that show clinically significant results are generally relatively small scale, so we would like to see results from larger scale trials. However, as the evidence stands, Magnesium is a key ingredient to look for in a sleep supplement.

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The more observant reviews we studied highlighted the role of Magnesium in boosting the effectiveness of converting L-Tryptophan into 5-HTP, which then converts into Serotonin (and promotes additional Melatonin production). L-Tryptophan is the third key ingredient found in Performance Lab Sleep.

But why is Serotonin so important when it comes to good sleep? Isn’t that the ‘feel-good hormone’?

Whilst it is most well known for its effect on mood, Serotonin is actually involved in a varied and complex set of biological functions, including relaxation, digestion and sleep. These processes work together to reduce stress and anxiety, and transition the brain into a more sedated state when it’s time to sleep.

So L-Tryptophan helps support a positive mood during the day and a calming sedation at night.

It’s also noted that L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which means the body can’t produce it, and has to be absorbed through food intake. As we’ve seen with the other ingredients, Opti-Nutria have used a form of L-Tryptophan sourced from gluten-free vegetables and is not genetically modified.

Surprisingly, we found more research studies reporting clinically significant positive impacts of L-Tryptophan on sleep than the other two main sleep supplement ingredients. There is even published evidence of L-Tryptophan showing a significant improvement in obstructive sleep apnea, using a dosage ten times that of one Performance Lab Sleep supplement serving.

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Are there any side effects with Performance Lab Sleep?

Optina-Nutra state that “Performance Lab Sleep is safe for long term use and non-habit forming”.

The vast majority of product reviews we appraised reported no significant side effects during use. Reasons given included the levels of ingredients being well below what would be considered problematic and because the supplement is very ‘clean’, using all natural ingredients, free from synthetic additives.

A very small minority did report some grogginess when waking up in the morning but adjusting the dose helped alleviate it. It was also frequently mentioned that other sleep supplements containing synthetic Melatonin are significantly more likely to cause groggy side effects.

A couple of product reviews did include warnings about consuming too much L-Tryptophan if using prescription SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), as they both increase serotonin which could potentially reach problematic levels. This appeared unlikely, given the relatively low levels present in Performance Lab Sleep, but it would be prudent for SSRI users to consult their medical practitioner before taking the supplement.

Aside from the supplement product reviews, we did come across medical articles that suggested some Magnesium supplements can cause stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea but we found no reports of that with Performance Lab Sleep. With this in mind, it would make sense to not take any additional Magnesium supplements when taking Performance Lab Sleep. Which itself causes a good side effect – saving money!

Overall, we found an overwhelming consensus that no significant side effects were experienced with Performance Lab Sleep.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dose for Performance Lab Sleep is 2-4 capsules half an hour before bed, with daily and consistent use for best results.

Several of the reviews we covered experimented with dosage when trying the sleep supplement. Unsurprisingly, this produced differing results for different people. Experimentation ranged from 1 to 4 capsules a night with the sleep inducing effects generally increasing with the dose.

Performance Lab Sleep capsules

Interestingly, one or two suggested working to a principle of cycling nootropic stacks (a nootropic stack is simply a combination of supplements used for improving cognitive functions). For example, using the supplement for 5 days ‘on’ and then have 2 days ‘off’.

There were also reports of a long-lasting effect where, after a couple of months use, improved sleep was experienced even when not taking the supplement for a bit.

Once again, it demonstrates that supplementation is a personal thing and each individual needs to try different supplements and doses (whilst always staying within recommended manufacturer guidelines) to see what suits them personally. There was general agreement that it’s best to start with two capsules a night and then gradually increase the dose if a greater effect is needed. 

UPDATE: Since our initial review roundup, we have seen the odd customer review suggesting that just one capsule was enough, and any more led to some feeling of grogginess in the morning. So, if you tend to be particularly sensitive to supplements, starting with one tablet a night might be best for you. ]

What are the most cited pros and cons of Performance Lab Sleep?

We found a whole range of positive features discussed with this particular supplement, which reflects the all round quality of this product conveyed by the majority of reviews. We’ve summarised the most frequently cited pros and cons below:


Natural source of Melatonin.

Includes Magnesium.

Non addictive.

All natural ingredients.

No GMOs or synthetic additives.

High quality ingredients.

Higher bioavailability and efficacy.

Free of allergens, banned substances, gluten, soy, synthetic additives, and caffeine.

Suitable for vegans.

A very ‘clean’ & pure product.

Competitively priced.

30-day money-back promise.


Only available via Performance Lab website.

Lack of published third-party verification analysis test results.

Size of capsules.

We’re used to seeing a shorter list of pros for supplements which is testament to how well received this particular sleep supplement has been. There’s a clear feeling that a lot of thought and research has been put into the development of Performance Lab Sleep to produce a well-rounded and effective sleep supplement.

A couple of reviews mentioned the capsules aren’t the smallest, which is something to bear in mind for those who struggle taking capsules. However, they also commented that they found the capsules were still easy to swallow, which may be due to their use of the patented plant-based NutriCaps® technology.

What do users say about Performance Lab Sleep?

Sleep supplementation is a personal experience, so it’s helpful to hear what actual users of the product say about it. Here’s a selection of recent reviews:


Wonderful addition
Review by Ada C. on 31 Dec 2021

Having this product as part of my nightly routine gives me that quality sleep that I didn’t use to get before. It complements well with my night time tea and I feel more refreshed in the morning.


Great sleep
Review by Peavy on 5 Oct 2021

Relaxes me to fall asleep and I wake refreshed — no grogginess. I have tried multiple sleep aids and this one feels natural.


The best ever!!
Review by Daniel W. on 17 Oct 2021

These are without a doubt the best sleeping aid I’ve ever used. I take 2 20 minutes before bed and get s solid 8 hours every night. Fantastic!


Wonderful Sleep!
Review by Maureen L. on 16 Oct 2021

Works quickly, shuts down my racing mind, no feeling of hangover in the morning. I do have crazy dreams though!


I’m very grateful to sleep well again!!
Review by Jaffra A. on 11 Apr 2021

This product is the only supplement I’ve bought (of approx. 10-12) in the last 3 years that has enabled me to sleep through the night, most nights of the week, but it hasn’t yet done that without 12.5mg of an OTC antihistamine sleep aid taken at the same time. Its CherryPURE is the only one of its 3 ingredients I’ve never used before. After having 3 full years of insurmountable old age insomnia.


Nice clean and helps alot if you stick with it.
Review by Amal S. on 4 Mar 2021

These work really well to help promote sleep and sleep for a longer. Used them to help lady I look after to get more sleep and I must say they work wonders with a herbal sleep promoting tea with lavender lemon balm Valerie root teas. Much better then most sleep aids and defo better than dodgy pharmaceutical medications that can give you psychosis!Read more about review stating Nice clean and helps alot if you stick with it.


Worth a shot.
Review by Abrianna L. on 2 Feb 2021

I’ve been using PL Sleep as a substitute for basic over the counter melatonin and have been impressed so far. 1 capsule is enough to make sure I only wake once to use the restroom most night. The recommended 2 capsules leaves me feeling a little foggy the next morning.

I’m still tooling my sleep and have an appointment with a sleep lab to hopefully resolve my sleep issues, like potential sleep apnea, but these supplements have helped me acclimate to a more consistent bedtime.

These reviews, and many more, are published on the Performance Lab website. For transparency purposes, it’s only fair to point out that whilst we trust the good people at Opti-Nutra®, we are unable to confirm if the published reviews provide a fully representative view across the whole user base.

CONCLUSION: Is Performance Lab Sleep worth trying?

Performance Lab Sleep

We've seen a clear consensus that Performance Lab Sleep is possibly the best natural sleep supplement available. However, supplementation is a personal experience. There are no ‘miracle cures’ and what works for one may not work for another. But Performance Lab Sleep is backed with a full 30 day money-back promise, so you can see if it works for you completely risk-free, which makes it easy to recommend as definitely worth trying!

Product Brand: Performance Lab

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Reviews Round-Up Rating:

Having originally reviewed Performance Lab Sleep in 2021, we still see a clear consensus that it’s a sleep supplement that ticks all the boxes. It promotes both the onset of sleep and quality slumber through the night. The real standout is the inclusion of a natural source of Melatonin, together with high bioavailability Magnesium.

Whilst Melatonin is clearly a key operator in the brain’s natural sleep processes, the problems of grogginess associated with synthetic Melatonin supplementation is widely reported. It’s also not freely available over the counter in many countries like the UK. So the inclusion of an all-natural source, that can be purchased in the UK and other countries, will be welcomed by many.

Magnesium is a very popular sleep supplement in its own right, since it can help relax nerves and muscles. This can help relieve those annoying body twitches and movements, especially in the legs, that distract from drifting off to sleep and disturb deep sleep through the night. Its inclusion in the Performance Lab Sleep formula saves the expense and inconvenience of taking it as a separate product.

Opti-Nutra® continue to build a reputation for using high-grade, all-natural ingredients with patented technology that increases absorption into the body. The attention to detail is clear to see, down to the 100% plant-based easy swallow capsules, to ensure a ‘clean’, completely vegan-friendly sleep supplement.

With Performance Lab Sleep being backed with a full 30 day money-back promise, so you can see if it works for you completely risk-free, it ‘seasy to recommend as definitely ‘worth trying’.

Where are the best prices and discounts for Performance Lab Sleep?

One of the few downsides reported in reviews for Performance Lab Sleep is that it can only be purchased from the Performance Lab Website. However, this means they can offer some pretty amazing deals and you always know you are purchasing their supplements at the best prices available.

Are there Performance Lab Sleep discount codes available?

We searched high and low for Performance Lab Sleep discount codes and coupons but any that we found were not genuine. The only genuine discount we found is there’s sometimes a 10% discount on your first order offer for new customers by signing up to the Performance Lab newsletter.

If you’re lucky enough to find it, that 10% discount can be used in addition to promotions and offers on the Performance Lab website, making for some pretty amazing deals. If you don’t see the 10% discount offer on the Performance Lab website, click through a few pages and a popup should appear offering the extra 10% discount.