2022-23 Premier League Season Injury Review: Time-loss Absence

EPL 2022/23 season review - time-loss absence
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Following the completion of the 2022-23 Premier League season, we have been doing our annual analysis of the season’s injury data to give you the key insights into what’s been an unprecedented and extraordinary campaign.

According to media reports, the Winter World Cup was expected to trigger an injury nightmare. An early start to the campaign, combined with a condensed programme brought about by the tournament in Qatar, meant that domestic matches and European ties were shoehorned into an already hectic fixture schedule, and concerns began to grow that the additional burden on players would result in higher levels of incidence.

Considering only reported injuries during 2022-23 that resulted in time loss absence – players missing at least one Premier League fixture – we look at the headline numbers for the first in our End of Season series.

EPL 2022-23 season review time loss absence

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