View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 7

Friday, September 28 2018

Here’s a thing…

I can identify with Jose Mourinho.

As a top FPL manager with a proven record of success (rarely out the Top 100k over the last ten years) I can understand the pressures and feel his frustrations. But I couldn’t help but wince when he made such a point of saying that Paul Pogba would never captain Man United again.

Y’see, I think he might. In fact, if United don’t beat West Ham Saturday and Valencia Tuesday – he might next weekend. Just saying.

Right. To business… 

Goalkeeper                            Pts          GW 6  

Wayne Hennessey (CP)             35pts         8pts


Marcos Alonso (CHE)               52pts         6pts
Andrew Robertson (LIV)           41pts         7pts
Jose Holebas (WAT)                 31pts         1pt
Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV)    34pts        11pts


Eden Hazard (CHE)                  50pts        3pts
Sadio Mane (LIV)                     44pts        3pts 
Ryan Fraser (BOU)                   41pts        2pts
Mo Salah (LIV)                         37pts        8pts


Sergio Aguero (MC)                  43pts        6pts
Aleksandar Mitrovic (FUL)        39pts        8pts 

Some new faces have forced their way into our Dream Team this week, front to back.

Neil on the Wayne…

The five trips into the back of his own net last week means Cardiff’s Neil Etheridge has finally been ousted in goal. Not Alisson (LIV), not Ederson (MC) – although both are making steady progress – but it is Crystal Palace stopper Wayne Hennessey who dons the gloves, after a tidy 8pt showing v Newcastle. 

Wolves’ Patricio is also worth adding to your Watch List after two sheets in his last three. Cheaper than all of the above too (at £4.5m).

Note: Didn’t Wayne Hennessey used to be a tubby, bald Manc who talked about fashion in Breakfast TV? He’s done very well.

Join the TA fan club…

Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV) joins his opposite flanker in the back four. His first assist of the campaign, along with a fifth clean sheet gave him 11pts – which was enough to oust Benji Mendy (MC) and hold off his team mates Walker and Laporte. But with Brighton at home next for City, things could look different next week.

The World Cup’s greatest ever full-back Kieron Trippier (TOT) is the second most popular pick at 28% - after Alonso (CHE) at 45% - and could make hay in the next three (v Huddersfield, Cardiff and West Ham). But another wolf  Holy Boly looks value at £4.6m.    

Mo makes his move…

Mo Salah (LIV) has eased himself into this season and now into our Team of the Season. His third goal of the season was enough to vault him ahead of Tottenham’s Moura and Watford’s Pereyra – and you suspect he is there to stay now. But at £12.9m I should blinking well think so.

At roughly half that price, James Maddison (LEI) is just 3pts and one assist behind the Mobot – yes, he also has three goals – so makes our bench. At £6.8m he is currently more saucy business than the best City has to offer – Sterling (pah!) is 1pt behind and £4.2m more and Bernardo Silva (scoff!) dragging by 3pts and £0.7m more. 

Mitrovic muscles in…

We’ve resorted to a 4-4-2 this week to make room for Aleksandar Mitrovic (FUL). His fourth goal in six matches* takes him to within 4pts of the PL’s top gun Sergio Aguero and a good 8pts ahead of anyone else (including an illustrious list of Kanes, Lukakus and Lacazettes…).

* For the benefit of Newcastle fans out there, I’m going to go through those figures again. They are a little baffling if you may have witnessed any of Mitrovic’s career in a black and white striped shirt… 

Four goals in six matches. Played six matches. Scored four goals. Ouch.

On the bench this week…

A couple of paragraphs ago I had the bright idea to add a subs bench for those who didn’t quite make the team, but should be on your FPL radar in the coming weeks. So here it is:

GK: Hart (BUR) – just 2pts off the top and as cheap as they come at £4.5m
DEF: With Mendy injured Walker and Laporte (MC) are better options, just a point or two adrift.
DEF: Palace’s Wan-Bissaka is only a couple back and the bargain of the season at £4.3m.
MID: Maddison (LEI) looks the part and will start every week. 

More from the BaDMan Boot Room next week. 

Play nice.

Matt Nesbitt


View from the BaDMaN Boot Room - GW 6

Saturday, September 22 2018


Five matches in and the Top Three already looks done and dusted – with perhaps the odd shuffle here and there. The Bottom Four doesn’t look far off either. 

And guess what…? There’s only one change in the Team of the Season so far. 

I might have to start including obscure 80s musical reference into the intros to keep things interesting.

Here are this season’s dandiest highwaymen so far… 

Goalkeeper                          Pts        GW 5  

Neil Etheridge (CAR)             32pts         1pt


Marcos Alonso (CHE)            46pts         2pts
Jose Holebas (WAT)              34pts         0pts
Andrew Robertson (LIV)        34pts         2pts
Benjamin Mendy (MC)           32pts         0pts


Eden Hazard (CHE)              47pts        20pts
Sadio Mane (LIV)                  41pts        2pts 
Ryan Fraser (BOU)               39pts        18pts
Lucas Moura (TOT)              31pts        7pts
Roberto Pereyra (WAT)        30pts        4pts


Sergio Aguero (MC)              37pts        7pts 

Can you spot the difference from last week? 

Ryan Fraser has slid two-footed into our midfield following his 18pt showing against Leicester – two goals, one assist and a Brucie bonus. His displays this season have drawn comparison with Liverpool’s Fab Three front players. Hmm, not sure Ryan.

Only bettered by our new overall leader Eden Hazard. His show-stopping hat-trick v Cardiff earned him 20pts. His display’s this season have drawn comparisons with Ronaldo and Messi. Hmm, not sure Eden. 

But they were the undeniable stars of our show in Game Week 5.

No change in nets…

A little bit hilariously, the fella on the end of Hazard’s hat-trick keeps his place in our dream team. Cardiff’s Neil Etheridge only has to turn up and register a point to stay ahead of fools like Hennessy (CP) and Hart (BUR). And yes, that’s right - two keepers in the Bottom Four of the PL are currently in the Top Three FPL performers. £4.6m a pop. Think on.  

Bigger price bigger hitters Alisson (LIV) and Ederson (MC) are bubbling just below, so we might be talking about them in the coming weeks.

Business as usual at the back…

The back four stays the same. Holebas (WAT) and Mendy (MC) didn’t even have to register a point between them to stay in residence. And Mendy is a doubt for this weekend. So his opposite flanker Walker might be worth considering at the same price. And Gomez (LIV) is steadily creeping up the charts (unlike the jangly guitar band of the same name who haven’t had a hit since the 90s). 

Not much to add in the middle…

Nothing else to report in midfield, aside from the arrival of Fraser and promotion of Hazard. But the smart move is sticking to five for now – as that’s where the points are being scored. Lucas Moura increasingly looks Tottenham’s best bet, outstripping his World Cup hero club mates.

(I say ‘heroes’ – only one came back with a winner’s medal. And he was so drunk driving home the other night he tore a muscle. He needs to get the brakes of his Citroen seen to).  

Pedro (CHE), Maddison (LEI) and Milner (LIV) – yes, Milner – are lingering at the gates of dream team inclusion. All reasonably priced - £6.8m, £6.6m and £5.6m.

As you were in attack…

At the sharp end, Aguero (MC) remains the man. Comfortably ahead of Mitrovic (FUL), Lukaku (MU), Arnautovic (WH) and Wilson (BOU). Oh and Firmino (LIV) and Murray (BRI) probably deserve a mention – one because he was late to the PL party but now looks to have hit his stride. The other because he is cheap.  

More from the BaDMan Boot Room next week. 
Matt Nesbitt


View from the BaDMaN Boot Room – GW 5

Friday, September 14 2018

Don’t call it a comeback. But the Premier League returns this weekend. 

Note: I don’t suppose LL Cool J ever dreamed he would be quoted in BaDMan Boot Room. Twice would be something like a phenomenon.

But if James is going to make any headway up the 80s/90s Hip Hop FPL Table, below are the players he needs to get into his team. (He is currently 14th btw, one place above Eric B and just below Sir Mix-a-lot). Fact.

Here’s this Team of the Season so far…

Goalkeeper                          Pts        GW 4  
Neil Etheridge (CAR)              31pts         3pts


Marcos Alonso (CHE)            44pts         9pts
Jose Holebas (WAT)              34pts         10pts
Andrew Robertson (LIV)        32pts         5pts
Benjamin Mendy (MC)           32pts         5pts


Sadio Mane (LIV)                  39pts        10pts 
Lucas Moura (TOT)               24pts        15pts
Roberto Pereyra (WAT)         26pts        8pts
Eden Hazard (CHE)               27pts        11pts
Mo Salah (LIV)                      25pts         8pts


Sergio Aguero (MC)               30pts        6pts 

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Five midfielders…?! You’re mad. MAD, I tells ya!!!’

I’ll get to that in a second, but let’s deal with the curiosity in goal first. Yes, it’s still Cardiff’s Neil Etheridge. Worst team in the league, probably. Down by Christmas, possibly. Nine points ahead of Liverpool’s £zillion Alisson, shit yeah.

But before you cash in on the £4.6m bargain… Cardiff are at Chelsea this weekend, so Neil could have a bad case of net-rash by 5pm on Saturday. 

Patricio (WOL) and Pickford (EVE) might be better choices this weekend (at home to Burnley and West Ham).

The Fab back-four keep their places… 

A 10pt weekend from Holebas (WAT) prompted a little shuffle in the pecking order. Scotland’s second best left-back Robertson (LIV) and Man City’s third best left-winger Mendy could only muster 10pts between them. But Alonso (CHE) added a goal (that’s two from four) to his standard assist (that’s five from four) so remains top dog.

So far it is the best defensive performance since Johnny Cochrane in the OJ case.

Tripper (TOT) and Cook (BOU) are bubbling under, but I’m inclined to keep a closer eye on the Liverpool pairing of van Dijk and Gomez. The latter is £1m cheaper that the former. 

I got five on it…  

I’ve gone from three to four to five since the start of the season. And suggest you do the same. Number nines are a thing of the past. Post-Ronaldo and Messi, it’s all about the goal-scoring wide players now. 

Like Salah (LIV) and Hazard (CHE). But they are only the fourth and fifth best on offer. Sadio (LIV) remains the Mane man with another tidy 10pts last week and is joined in the engine room by this season’s surprise packages Pereyra (WAT) and Moura (TOT).

Neither are as easy on the eye as the three previously mentioned but there is plenty of end product – and they are significantly easier on the virtual wallet.

Pedro (CHE) at a thrifty £6.8m and Serri (FUL) at a trifling £5.4m are also worthy of your attention. 

And then there was one…   

If you could only pick one, then Aguro (MC) is probably the pick. Over 52% agree probably, but precisely 52% consider Sergio worth the £11.3m investment. Mitrovic (FUL) is only lagging by 1pt – and about the half the bunce (£6.7m) – but long-term only Lukaku (MU) and Kane (TOT) offer a realistic alternative route to 25+ goals. And there are similarly priced.

Honourable mentions to Wilson (BOU) and Deeney (WAT) too. Their faces might not fit with the FA – both must’ve been a tad miffed at missing out last weekend – but they are hot right now. 

More from the BaDMaN Boot Room next week. But you better leave now – I think I hear Roy Keane coming…
Matt Nesbitt


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