View from the BaDMaN Boot Room – GW 38

Events this week have been scarcely believable.

First Vinny shins a career-first screamer into the top bin to probably clinch the title for City. Then Liverpool – fresh from witnessing that heart-breaking moment the night before – humble the great Messi and Co.

Then Tottenham bully those poor Ajax boys into submission in bad-Channel-Five-football-film-finale style. 

But for me the most extraordinary development of the week was the name of Rio Ferdinand being put forward for job of Technical Director at Manchester United.

I wouldn’t trust this clown with the kitty on a night out, let alone pulling back the universes most massivest club from the edge of the cliff they are currently shuffling towards.


GoalkeeperTotal PtsGW 37 Pts
Alisson (LIV)1702
Robertson (LIV)2071
van Dijk (LIV)2028
Alexander-Arnold (LIV)17010
Laporte (MC)16912
Salah (LIV)2567
Hazard (CHE)23711
Sterling (MC)2293
Mane (LIV)2162
Aguero (MC)1952
Aubameyang (ARS)1928

Nothing much to say ahead of Final Day, so we’ll leave it until our end of season wrap next week.


Matt Nesbitt