View from the BaDMaN Boot Room – GW 34

So, we know how to stop Lionel Messi now…

The great man didn’t fancy it after the right-hander from Chris Smalling on Wednesday night, did he?

To be fair to Smalling, he was arguably the best of an average-to-poor lot in the drab-to-shit United v Barca first leg.

But you get the feeling that Lionel might have plans for him in the second leg.

Eyes down…

GoalkeeperTotal PtsGW 33 Pts
Alisson (LIV)1492
Robertson (LIV)1801
van Dijk (LIV)1692
Azpilicueta (CHE)1401
Alonso (CHE)1390
Salah (LIV)2166
Hazard (CHE)21514
Sterling (MC)2010
Mane (LIV)1891
Aguero (MC)1750
Aubameyang (ARS)1691

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Nothing much to report, once again. Azpilicueta this… Sterling that… Hazard the other.

Hazard warning. He’s off to Madrid…

In fact, the form of Chelsea’s wizard is the only noteworthy development. It seems he is keen on the proposed Real Madrid move this summer. His 30pts over the last two weekends has put him to within a point of Mo Salah at the top of the FPL pile.

And his two-goal 14pt total v West Ham earned him as many points as the rest of the so-called Dream Team put together.

Hopefully there’ll be a bit more to say next week. If not, I’ll make something up. How’s that?

Matt Nesbitt