View from the BaDMaN Boot Room – GW 18

It’s been hard work wading through the bullshit written and spoken about Jose Mourinho’s sacking this week. 

It turns out that not one journalist ever thought he was the right man for the job. Funny that. But opinion is mixed as to whether the blame lay at the feet of the players, the board, or Jose. 

Thankfully there is one voice we can rely on for clarity, insight and wisdom…

Robbie Savage cleared up the matter once and for all on TalkSport…

‘You can’t blame Jose for players kicking it out of play… or defenders making mistakes. But ultimately he has to take responsibility for their poor play.’

So there you have it. 

GoalkeeperTotal PtsGW 17 Pts
Alisson (LIV)832
Alonso (CHE)1001
Robertson (LIV)972
van Dijk (LIV)822
Doherty (WOL)806
Hazard (CHE)11613
Salah (LIV)1132
Sterling (MC)1126
Sane (MC)9210
Aubameyang (ARS)1002
Wilson (BOU)931

All I want for Christmas is a clean sheet…

You’d think with only 13pts scored by the entire back five from last week’s selection, there might be a change of personal. But no. Nothing. 

Results elsewhere meant Alisson got away with his howler and Robertson and van Dijk in front of him only needed to turn up to keep their place. Alonso managed just a single, but is the first defender to Top 100 for the season. He’s not the only Chelsea stopper on the scene these days though.

Luiz, Rudiger and Azpilicueta all make the second string back four now. But roving Wolves wingback Doherty was again the star performer. That’s four weeks on the spin he has delivered either a sheet, a goal or an assist. For the love of the baby Jesus, snap him up.    

Hazard lights the way once more…

One new face in the midfield – and a very pretty one too. Sane has challenged his opposite flanker Sterling on who is City’s most effective player in recent weeks. Another double-figure weekend tucks Leroy into our engine room for this week. 

Fraser misses out, but remains the best value pick of the season – so don’t do anything silly. Hazard is back on top of the pile after a tidy G & A performance at Brighton – his first of the campaign. And keep an eye on West Ham’s Anderson and Everton’s Richarlison who are steadily making progress in improving teams.

I DO wanna go to Chelsea…

A blank weekend for both out frontmen has allowed Harry Kane to close the gap. But if there is any substance to the stories of Chelsea sniffing around Bournemouth’s Wilson, his £6.9m could look even more bargainous than it does already. 

Don’t forget Aguero either. He’ll cost you, but City aren’t going to slow up in 2019 and he’ll be at the sharp end. Oh and hhhow about a big hhhh for Wolves’ Hhhhimenez. He’s much more classy than my cartoon racism and makes the Top Five hit men on merit.  

My Christmas list…

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 

GK: Kepa (CHE) – Chelsea are still my dark horses. More to come, I tells ya. 
DEF: Luiz (CHE) – Good price, good form, great hair.
MID: Fraser (BOU) – The fourth most popular midfielder for a reason. 
MID: Richarlison (EVE) – Third most popular, if you’re swayed by peer pressure.
FOR: Aguero (MC) – Nothing for a month, but will hit 2019 hard.  

I’ll be back in the Festive Perineum – y’know the bit between Christmas and New Year, look it up. 

But in the meantime, I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and hope that you get the Lynx box set you actually want.

P.S. I’m a Java man.