View from the BaDMaN Boot Room – GW 17

You have to respect the apology of Chelsea ‘fan’ Colin Wing, who was suspended by the club for abusing Raheem Sterling in last week’s match…

Wing: ‘I’m deeply ashamed by my own behaviour. I want to apologise unreservedly to Raheem and hope he can be a better man than I am by accepting it’.

But I would’ve respected Sterling more if he had responded thus…

Sterling: ‘No, I can’t. You fat cunt.’ 

Oh well…

GoalkeeperTotal PtsGW 16 Pts
Alisson (LIV)816
Alonso (CHE)996
Robertson (LIV)9511
van Dijk (LIV)806
Doherty (WOL)747
Salah (LIV)11121
Sterling (MC)1062
Hazard (CHE)1039
Fraser (BOU)882
Aubameyang (ARS)985
Wilson (BOU)920

One L, two S’s…

Get used to spelling of his name because they’ll be no shifting Liverpool’s stopper  Alisson from our No 1 spot this season. After stalking Ederson (MC) for a few weeks, he has now bolted a chunky 7pts clear. Not all his own work of course…

Double Ds…

Front left of Alisson, Scotland’s second best left-back Robertson is threatening to reel in the once seemingly unassailable Alonso (CHE). That wand-like left peg added a fourth assist of the season to a tenth clean sheet at Bournemouth. Alonso is still three ahead, but has only managed two in the last 12 – and no sheets in five.

Playing alongside van Dijk (LIV) doesn’t hurt, of course. The Dutch master makes his debut in the Team of the Week following his fourth clean sheet in five. And Virgil isn’t the only virgin in our back four. Wolves’ have found their teeth again in the last two weeks and rampart right wingback Doherty is giving 20.6% of FPL managers plenty to smile about. £5.1m people. Do the right thing.     

Threesy does it…

Mo Salah (LIV) is now moving through the gears and his 21pt hat-trick at Bournemouth has made him more valuable than Sterling (MC). Hazard joins the two of them in treble figures and it will takes something ridiculous for one of this three not to be the top FPL point scorer come the end of the season. Let’s not forget Fraser (BOU) though, who remains the best value. 

All four one…

Top Gun Aubameyang (ARS) is just an assist away from breaking the ton (or should that be ‘tonne’, seeing as it is metric. A hundred, anyway). And can strengthen his position this weekend with both Aguero (MC) and nearest challenger Wilson (BOU) carrying knocks. Harry Kane (TOT) is grinding his way to the top of the list, either scoring or assisting in his last five starts. Can’t see anyone breaking up this fab four either. Lacazette (ARS) and Jiminez (WOL) are potential, but unlikely Yoko Onos – with the latter the darker (and cheaper) horse.    

The Watch List: I got five on it

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 

GK: Kepa (CHE) – could give the increasingly flaky Ederson a run for his money.
DEF: Luiz (CHE) – Sideshow Bob is a bit of value at £5.6. Always got a goal in him.
DEF: Alexander-Arnold (LIV) – dipped out of the X1, but we haven’t seen the last of him. 
MID: Sane (MC) – could be a strong finisher, if you can stretch to £9.5m.   
MID: Richarlison (EVE) – has convinced 32.7% that he is better value at £2.4m cheaper.

Let’s put on our classics and we’ll have a little dance shall we.