View from the BaDMaN Boot Room – GW 13

A bad week for Ryan Giggs. 

His Wales team lost their second game in a row and the fifth of his nine-match reign. He even criticised his own players after the 0-1 humbling by Albania.

Ideal candidate to take over at Man United then…

Another Premier League legend was in the news this week. Nicklas Bendtner has been given a 50-day jail sentence for chinning a taxi driver. 

But ‘jail’ in Denmark actually means you wear a tag around your ankle and have to stay at home while two blond-haired blokes with beards stare at your house from across the road in their Volvo. 

They’re way ahead out there.

And here’s a fact for you… Bentner was at Arsenal for nine years! There were a few loans in there, but that’s longer than Thierry Henry…!

You can use that one. You’re welcome.

GoalkeeperTotal PtsGW 12  Pts
Ederson (MC)622
Alonso (CHE)868
Robertson (LIV)7112
Trippier (TOT)591
Rudiger (CHE)585
Hazard (CHE)823
Sterling (MC)792
Salah (LIV)758
Fraser (BOU)705
Aguero (MC)807
Wilson (BOU)722

Rudy Blue

Ooh, a new face in the team! Chelsea’s goal-less draw with Everton didn’t do them a lot of good, with City and Liverpool both winning. But it did mean that big Antonio Rudiger could elbow his way into our Team of the Season. 

Not that a lot of the FPL stratosphere are convinced – just 4.9% are on board. For balance, that’s less than have Leicester’s Pereira in their side and the same as Bournemouth’s Ake. At just £6m, Rudy is a snip people. 

Egor (MC) keeps the No.1 spot despite staining his sheet with kamikaze decisions two weeks running. Liverpool’s Alisson is looming in the rear-view with three clean sheets in his last five.

Top Jocks

In front and to the left, Andy Robertson has had a good couple of weeks. First he takes our Player of the Week award with a dirty dozen points, then helps Scotland top the ‘group of death’ in the Nations League. Aw, c’mon now… it’s bantz. You can only beat the pub team in front of you.

The story in midfield is also shaping up to be the story of the Premier League. Scottish playmaker Ryan Fraser – and his team-mates – can no longer be considered to be punching. Bournemouth players are only out-numbered by City and Chelsea now.

Over a quarter of you have picked him ahead of the likes of Moura, Martial and the Silvas. And at £6.2m he is looking a must buy this Black Friday weekend. 

Salah, Sterling and Hazard are probably untouchable in the Top Three positions – although all now trail Chelsea full-back Alonso, if you’re looking for a way to max out your Man City and Chelsea player quotas.

Callum bloody Wilson

Our forwards might take some catching now too. Callum Wilson (BOU) now makes the X1 for over a third of players – and factoring in the slight injury doubts over Arsenal’s front two, plus the debut goal swagger that Callum will bring back from International duty. At £6.8m, Wilson remains the man this weekend.

Sergio (MC), of course, is Sergio. And even if he doesn’t score these days, he’ll set one up – six goals, eight assists so far. If you can, do so.

Watch list: Players on the fringe

If you haven’t got, or can’t get, or don’t fancy any of the above – this lot are handy alternatives. 

GK: Pickford (EV) – Real chance of a second sheet on the bounce v Cardiff.
DEF: Laporte (MC) – Looks a fixture in City’s back line now. That’s a good place to be.
MID: Mane (LIV) – Not the player he was last season, but can’t ignore the numbers. 
FOR: Kane (TOT) – The best goal scorer in the worlds according to Gareth. Joint fourth best in the PL according to the numbers.

Keep it chopped out, yeah?